Night on the Town Testimonials

Night Out Testimonials

Night On The Town 1-14-2012 - Bob F. in a White 10 Passenger Stretch
Thanks again for delivering me and my guests home safely! You guys are the best!


Night On The Town 12-08-2011 - Monte in the 14 Passenger SUV
Thank you great night!

Anthony Clervi

Night On The Town 12-03-2011 - Bob F. in a 10 Passenger Stretch
Thank you Tracy for all of your help. The Armstrong family had a wonderful day.

Terrie Applewhite

Night On The Town 11-26-2011 - Tim S. in the 30 Passenger SUV

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful limousine experience. The driver was very punctual and professional. I will be giving you a call next time I need a limo.

Thank you,
Eduard Pogosov

Night On The Town 11-12-2011 - Joe in a 10 Passenger Stretch
Thanks, we had a great time, our driver was the best!!!!! Looking forward to many more nights out in Kansas City. I would like to do another weekend in December. I will let you know the date, maybe do a bigger ride the next time, if I can get a great deal!


Night On The Town 10-22-2011 - Charles E. in the 14 Passenger SUV
Thank you for the car service, I wanted to let you know that Charles our Driver was a True professional and a very nice man. I would recommend him highly.

Mark Shelman

Night On The Town 09-30-2011 - Mike M. in the 30 Passenger SUV
Thank you for this evening! The driver was very accommodating and kind and professional! We had a wonderful night!!

Linda Smith

Night On The Town 06-18-2011 - Candace in a Mercedes Sedan
Thanks so much for all of your help especially with the last minute changes!!! We didnt use the last half hour...crazy night!. Thanks again for that extra touch of class that your drivers provide so well that made our night extra special! Cheers and I will see you very soon.

Night Out 03-19-2011 - Monte in the 14-Passenger Lincoln
Thank you so much! Monte did a fabulous job and was very patient with us. Thank you again and I will definitely use Pech Limo again. 

Thank you, Melissa

Night Out 03-17-2011 - Terence in the 14-Passenger Excursion
That's ok ... just wanted to make sure you got paid! We had an AMAZING time ... thank you so much for your services and I hope we didn't leave too much of a mess for Terence! He was AWESOME ... we will be using your company in the future. Thank you so much for everything!

Kelly Parsons

Girls Night Out 04-26-2010 - Driver David Cortez in a Red 6-Passenger Lincoln
Hi...I just wanted to say thank you for sending us the best driver ever!!!! David was so great and I wanted to make sure that he gets recognition at this company for outstanding customer service. My girlfriends and I were so impressed with everything, he made us laugh and really took care of us all evening! Also, the limo was so nice, clean and the upgrade to the bigger limo was awesome! I will be sure to recommend your company to ANYONE who is looking to book a limo!
Thanks for the outstanding service!

Leah Cheung

Night on the Town 01-30-2010 - Driver Rod Ruch in a Black 10-Passenger Lincoln

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service. From the phone reservation and onward this was a very easy process and we all had a great time. Everything was terrific, we'll think of your company next
time. Please pass along our appreciation to any other appropriate individuals in your company as well as our driver Rod.

Lindy Landzaat     

Night on the Town 03-07-2009 - Driver Bob Kauffman in White 10-Passenger Stretch

Thank you for everything. I contacted AMEX on Friday and they are taking care of everything. You are a very professional service. Your diver Bob was an excellent choice for your event. He was very professional, personable, and a great driver. My wife and her friends loved him. Thank you very much. I look forward to referring my friends and colleagues to your business in the future.
Thank you,

Marcus Iszard

Night on the Town 12-09-2008 - Driver David Cortez in White 12-Passenger Jaguar:
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 10:46 AM
Subject: RE: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Receipt 54285 for 12/19/2008 - MIKE & JANA BREWER FOR LACEY

Pech Limo,
Just a note to say thank you for our limo experience. Our daughter had a great time & so did we. David was very courteous & polite. It was icy out & David assisted all us older ladies & walked my parents (who are in their mid 70's) right to their door. Thanks again for making our evening extra special.

Jana Brewer

Night on the Town 10-18-2008 - Driver Rod Bailey in white 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: kcgriffs To: Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 1:05 PM Subject: Re: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Confirmation 56675 for 10/18/2008 - JESSICA GRIFFEE + 4

Slawik, I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that once again, I am one happy customer! Our stretch limo (our free upgrade!) arrived on time, and we were driven by Rodney. What a lovely man! By the end of the evening, we were sad to see him go. He is a charming, extremely polite, and considerate man. He represents Pech Limosines perfectly.He also speaks very highly of you. Thought you'd like to know that. I know that as a business manager, it is nice to hear when an employee has something nice to say! We will continue to use Pech Limo exclusively, and recommend you to our friends. And of course look forward to dealing with you and Rodney again.Thank you both for a lovely evening.

Jessica Griffee

Night on the Town 10-11-2008 - Drivers Denise & Monte in 10-passenger Lincoln stretches:
From: Steven Lee To: Pech Limousine, Inc. Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 4:19 PM Subject: Re: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Receipt 52892 for 10/11/2008 - STEVEN LEE + 4

Another awesome experience! Thanks for the great service and a great night! Denise, our driver, was absolutely awesome. Sorry I called for more service at 5:00am...people do silly things when under the influence! I look forward to continuing this blurry, yet beautiful, business relationship!

Steven Lee (the guy with the spiked mohawk)

Night on the Town 9-5-2008 - Driver Bob Findlay in white 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: "Michelle Angotti" To: "'Pech Limousine, Inc.'" Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:14 AM Subject: RE: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Receipt 52183 for 9/5/2008 - MICHELLE ANGOTTI +7

We had such a great time and wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Bob did. I know we got a great deal that won't apply to future requests....but I will definitely use you again and will recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks again.

Night on the Town 8-9-2008 - Driver Rod Bailey in black 14-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: lori montagna To: Pech Limousine, Inc. Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 4:23 PM Subject: RE: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Receipt 51618 for 8/9/2008 - LORI MONTAGNA +13
Thank you! We had wonderful night! Rod did a great job!! The only issue was, when I emailed you the itinerary, I noted that Boozefish Restaurant was to be the initial pickup spot at 8p and Rod was told to go to 3991 Pennsylvania first. -Lori Montagna

Night on the Town 7-7-2008 - Driver Rod Bailey in black 14-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: Gant,Tiffany Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 1:18 PM To: Dan Ervin Subject: RE: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Invoice 42656 for 7/7/2007 - TIFFANY GANT + 13

Hello. We would like to commend Rod for such a fantastic job of driving and hosting our event ... the boys had a really great time and Rod was very cordial.

Thank you so much! Tiffany & Patrick Gan

Night on the Town 6-13-2007 - Driver Keith Maxey in black 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: "Lisa Avery" Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2007 9:56 PM To: "Slawik, Pech Limousine, Inc." Subject: RE: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Confirmation 45922 for 6/13/2007

Hi, Slawik! Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you so much for our limo ride last Wed night! Keith was our driver and he was just perfect! Very professional and he took care of us very well! We had a great time!!!! If we need/want a limo in the future, you are the one we will call. Hands down!

Thanks again, Lisa Avery

Night on the Town 6-01-2007 - Driver Matt Findlay in white 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: Telia Gilcrest Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 9:04 PM To: Subject: RE: PECH LIMOUSINE, INC. - Invoice 41852 for 6/1/2007

Thank you so much for the great service for our outing on Friday night! Matt, our driver was delightful and the perfect addition for our bachelorette party. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your attention to detail!

Telia Gilcrest

Night on the Town 3-3-2007 - Driver Keith Maxey in black 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: Mark Ackerson To: 'Slawik, Pech Limousine, Inc.' Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 2:48 PM Subject: RE: Receipt

Thanks for the email and the bonus half hour. Being a business owner myself, I understand that things do happen and it is how they are handled that makes it either good or bad. You were very prompt in your decision making and that kept everything running smooth. We enjoyed our evening and would not hesitate to call upon your services again. I understand the frustration of things going wrong. Today we had one of our employees back into another car on a customer’s property. So much for any type of profit for a while.


Night on the Town 2-10-2007 - Driver Charlie Bonsack in a white 10-Passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: hansen6 To: <> Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 2:13 PM Subject: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey , Just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful time. Charlie our driver was the best!!! I will be calling you for ANY of my transportation needs in the future...

Thanks once again. Tom Hansen

Night on the Town 4-7-2006 - Driver Bob Findlay in a white 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: "Saathoff, Lacey (YBUSA-KC)" To: "Slawik, Pech Limousine, Inc." Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 10:20 AM Subject: RE: Confirmation 36570 for 4/7/2006

Thanks for the great service on Friday night! Our driver was wonderful and the limo was a hit!! We will definitely use Pech Limo again. 

Lacey Saathoff

Night on the Town 2-10-2006 - Driver Tom Findlay in a black 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: Samantha Kay To: Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 5:40 PM Subject: My night with your limo...

Hello! I rented your limo Friday evening from 7:30 - 9:30. I have been in quite a few limos and let me tell you, we had a wonderful time with your driver Tom! He was the best! We had no plans in mind, just to drive around and he suggested some awesome places! He was so nice and laid back and just made sure that we all had a great time! As I told him that evening, my husband will be returning from Iraq in April and we already plan on renting a limo again. We want your company and we would love to have Tom as our driver again!! Thank you all so much. You definitely made it a very special night!!

Samantha Oswald

Night on the Town 1-20-2006 - Driver Tom Findlay in a white 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: "cat rinehart" To: "Slawik, Pech Limousine, Inc." Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 4:01 PM Subject: Re: Confirmation 34579 for 1/20/2006

 Just wanted to thank you for such a great time on Friday night. Tom treated us all like royalty. We appreciate your giving us a special rate on the 10 passenger limo and just wanted to say thanks. Should we hear of anybody needing a limo we will give them your number. 

Thanks, Cat Rinehart

Night on the Town 1-5-2006 - Driver Bob Findlay in a white 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: Caleb Christianson To: Sent: Saturday, January 07, 2006 3:18 PM Subject: Thursday Evening
Dear Slawik, You must forgive me for not doing this yesterday because schedules can get so crazy. But I absolutely have to thank you for your services Thursday night. From the clarity of making the reservations, the bonus upgrade, the easy resolution of our misunderstanding, your pleasant demeanor, your and the driver's flexibility in rescheduling and replanning, and the driver's professional and courteous demeanor... It all worked so well into easily making Thursday night one of the most memorable nights of our relationship. I would and will definitely recommend your services to all of my friends and family as well as keep you in mind for any future needs of my own.

Thank you, for everything, Caleb Christianson

Night on the Town 12-09-2003 - Driver Percy Smith in a black 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: tsaldivar To: Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 1:34 PM Subject: Limo service

Just a quick note to let you know the service last night was wonderful as always. And wanted to make sure our driver got home safely since the weather started getting bad at the end of our evening. Thanks again Happy Holidays.

Tammy Saldivar

Night on the Town 9-13-2003 - Driver Dwayne Reynolds in the midnight-blue Mercedes sedan:
From: "Sarah G. Orcutt" To: "Slawik, Pech Limousine, Inc." Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 10:27 AM Subject: Re: Confirmation 8720 for 9/13/2003

Slawik, I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our evening Saturday - and I owe it all to you! Your suggestions were right on the mark. (Now how can I learn everything you know?!) Dwayne was very pleasant and helpful, the car was perfect for what we wanted, and the evening as a whole was, in my estimation, a success. Thanks so much; you'll be the first one I call should I need a car and driver again.


Night on the Town 12-06-2002 - Driver Dwayne Reynolds in the white 10-passenger Lincoln stretch:
From: Bill Fuser To: <> Sent: Monday, December 16, 2002 4:36 PM Subject: RE: Fuser reservation 12/6

I just wanted to give you some feedback from our use of your limo service. Duane was very professional and accommodating. We really enjoyed him and he met our every expectation. The limo was very comfortable and well appointed. The only problem was getting the temperature and the fogging of the windows balanced. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and we want to thank you.
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