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Meet the Pech Limousine Team

Percy pouring the Champagne

Nader Aldewick


Percy pouring the Champagne

Matt Koris

Percy pouring the Champagne

Percy Smith

Senior Chauffeur

I have driven so many years for Pech Limousine it's hard to remember how many. I used to have my own limousine service and still like to reminisce about the challenges I had to face on a daily basis. Not having to worry about much of that and instead truly enjoying the interaction with my clients, you will always see me smile. Most likely you would have to rent one of the Rolls Royce or Bentleys to get to hang out with me, because more often than not that's what I'm driving. Let me tell you, every wedding is a unique experience, and I love every second I'm out there making people happy.

Mark and President Obama

Mark Turner


I was not driving the big black limousine outside Arthur Bryant's that day, or Nadar would have gotten onto me for not wearing my suit and tie for the occasion!

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