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Meet the Pech Limousine Team

The Lincoln MKT is Lincoln's replacement of the iconic Town Car. It spoils with its luxurious interior and plenty of legroom.

Slawik Pech

President of Pech Limousine, Inc.

I started Pech Limousine in 1997 with one 1963 Cadillac limo that we still own. In 19 years, I have seen many ups and downs, as well as changes that affected the limousine industry as a whole. I wanted the business to have a focus on classic cars, which were almost completely unavailable when I got started in the business. Realizing that the market also needed a responsible stretch limousine operator, I started with adding a Mercedes limousine in 1998. From there we have grown to 14 stretch limousines in our fleet today, 8 classic cars, and 6 sedans and SUVs. I enjoy traveling, bicycling, getting out into nature (away from cars, at least). I used to be a night-time kind of guy - you used to find me relaxing at 2am than find me awake at 6am, but that was before the kids came along. Now it's dinner at 5pm and bed time at 8. When my son was born in 2011, I started mostly staying at home to help my wife with her business and to spend time with Aristos. September 2015 we welcomed our daughter Astoria. Nevertheless you will always be able to reach me: I have spent the last 19 years sleeping with two cell phones under my pillow so I won't miss any emergency calls.

Tracy Glanville

General Manager
Tracy detailing the Fusion

I have a lot of different jobs here! If you email us, you will most likely hear back from me. You will find me here during the week & not on the weekends (I am one of the lucky ones).. I have been with Pech Limousine since the end of 2006. I have 3 beautiful kids, the youngest of which joined the Pech Limo team officially in September when it was time "back-to-work" for her (and me) after a short maternity leave. I have been in the limo industry for most of my life. My parents used to own one of the first area stretch limousine providers and I worked at a few here locally. As chaotic as this industry is, I can't get away from it. I love helping brides with their weddings and setting up transfers for birthdays and proms. I love to travel (though with 3 kids I don't get to much) I love to go out, dance and spend time at home with my family.

Pat Tovar

Lead Mechanic
Pat driving the 63 Caddy

I'm in charge of the garage. Staying on top of maintenance and repairs with a fleet of 30 cars is sometimes more than a full-time job. I have become such an expert on Ford and Lincoln that I've even changed my allegiance from Chevy. Seeing that we waited to almost 600,000 miles before retiring one of our Lincoln Town Cars, I can attest to the reliability of these cars. And although our Bentley and Rolls Royce classics don't have nearly that mileage, it's amazing how little happens in the way of breakdowns on these 50 to 60-year-old cars. I've changed engines and transmissions on almost every type of car in our fleet, if it happens on our fleet, I can fix it. When I'm not working hard at the shop, I may be in my favorite chair enjoying a cold beer, or holding my twin grandkids and hoping they don't yell at me.


Kelly LaBruzzo

Assistant to Tracy and Keira

Don't let me chauffeur you because I've already totalled two cars since I started at Pech Limousine little over 6 months ago. But I am extremely nice on the phone and can hook you up with a real driver! Ok, all jokes aside neither wreck was my fault, and neither involved a limousine or classic car. In unrelated news, I'm single and currently looking to fill the backseat space of one of our classic cars (next to me). I promise we won't crash. So make me a proposal...

Astoria & Keira

Keira Glanville

Future General Manager

We are truly the next generation of Pech Limousine. The picture shows me hanging out with my pal Astoria at the office. I have been coming in just about every work day since I was little more than one month old - I will be the most experienced employee by the time I'm trained on the phones! For the time being, you may hear me in the background when you call - they have me listen in to every phone call so I can get good at it.

Michael at St. Patrick's Day Parade

Michael Mayhue

Detailing / Maintenance

I am in charge of making sure that our cars leave the garage clean. For that matter keeping 14,000 sqft. of garage and office space clean can be a very challenging undertaking. The picture shows me on the right at the 2015 St. Patrick's Day parade, our cars lined up in the background, ready for the show. Yes, sometimes I even need to go on location to make sure everything looks perfect. I love beating my boss at chess, that's probably why he's been avoiding the office lately...

Percy pouring the Champagne

Percy Smith

Senior Chauffeur

I know Slawik was snickering when he made up my title. Truth is, I have driven so many years for Pech Limousine it's hard to remember how many. I used to have my own limousine service and still like to reminisce about the challenges I had to face on a daily basis. Not having to worry about much of that and instead truly enjoying the interaction with my clients, you will always see me smile. Most likely you would have to rent one of the Rolls Royce or Bentleys to get to hang out with me, because more often than not that's what I'm driving. Let me tell you, every wedding is a unique experience, and I love every second I'm out there making people happy.


Monte Briggs

Senior Chauffeur

We're waiting for Monte to write us a bio, soon to come! Monte has been on our team for about 8 years now, after he had driven for Carey Limousine for a number of years.

Mark and President Obama

Mark Turner


I was not driving the big black limousine outside Arthur Bryant's that day, or Slawik would have gotten onto me for not wearing my suit and tie for the occasion!

Erin Pech

Full Partner in Crime
Erin and family

I joined Pech Limousine in 2007 when things became serious between Slawik and I. It's virtually impossible to be married to him and not be involved. Picture him happily holding our two-month old, and suddenly his pocket rings. I have to be fully prepared to have either a baby or a phone flung at me within seconds. Then there are the occasional road trips. Slawik has a really unique way (not) separating business from pleasure. In the picture, all three of us were actually working, driving a Bentley (myself) and our 20-passenger SUV (Slawik and Aristos as pilot/copilot) for a repeat client in Omaha. Or there was the trip to New Orleans when the makers of the Astronauts' Wifes' Club wanted the Cadillac for a filming. In fact, one of our first trips together to the West Coast involved picking up the Jaguar limo. Besides helping Slawik, I have another full-time business making and selling jewelry: find MeadowbelleMarket on Etsy to check us out!

Aristos in Bentley

Aristos Pech

Future Partner in Crime

Although I can be a very sharp dresser and like to impress people with my charms, my dad says that my steering ability still needs some work. That's ok, because I have a hard time reaching the gas pedal and brake while looking out the windshield anyway. But I am very good at cleaning cars, and I love riding in limousines. Oh, and I'm fluent in Spanish, in fact, I had to have my dad translate and type this bio out for me. But feel free to ask for me if you're trying to speak to my dad in Spanish and notice him stammering...

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