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Pech Limousine
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We make environmental excellence one of our biggest goals!
Our sustainability program actually goes back to the company's very beginning. The owner Slawik's German heritage (and his frugality;) led him to introduce a recycling program that separated not only glass, plastic and metals from the trash but even divided paper products into three different recycling classifications long before Kansas City even introduced curbside pick-up. Even today the glass and office paper is separated and brought to specific acceptance places. No A4 sheet even makes it into the recycling until both sides have been printed on. Here are some of our accomplishments and future goals to help make our earth, and in the process our immediate neighborhood, a cleaner, more beautiful place:
 ✔ Recycling program: we recycle all bottles, cans, packaging, newspapers, junk mail and office paper that are produced by our office or come back in our cars after rental. 

 ✔ Replacing fluorescent light bulbs: between our offices and garages, we had over 220 fluorescent light bulbs in operation. Replacing them with LED light tubes by rewiring the existing fixtures saves us over 70% on electricity usage. Our yearly consumption was adding up to 18 MWh, at a cost of over $1900. By replacing with much brighter 18-Watt LED light tubes, we were able to use only half as many tubes, cutting our total yearly consumption to 4 MWh, and saving in the process 22,000 lbs in yearly CO 2 emissions.  
 ✔ Installing under-sink instant-on water heaters: we realized that we didn't really need to constantly keep 40 gallons of water heated both in our office and garage. So we eliminated two hot-water tanks, one gas-operated and one electrical, to replace them with 4-gallon water heaters that supply hot water instantly (less water wasted waiting for it to warm up) and use far less energy to keep hot water on hand.
Geothermal graphic
  •  ✔  Replacing our aging gas furnace and conventional air conditioning with a geothermal heating and cooling unit: ground-source heat pumps use the temperature constant underground to efficiently cool or heat. The systems use an AC compressor to compact the temperature differential pulled from the ground, cooling in the summer and reversing the principle to heat in the winter. Geothermal systems run only on electricity and can do so much more efficiently than conventional systems. Because all the equipment is inside the building or under the ground, it is also much less susceptible to damage or aging. Thus geothermal systems last on average twice to three times as long as other HVAC systems. We utilized two empty lots we own next to the office to dig 900 feet of horizontal trenches about 7-9 feet deep before laying out 1800 feet of HDPE piping. The pipes carry water in a continuous closed loop through the ground where it absorbs the soil's temperature before a pump sends it through a radiator inside the furnace.
  • Solar panels
     ✔ Planting street trees: Pech Limousine, with the support of the KC Parks and Recreation Dept., has planted 15 street trees in its immediate vicinity. We also started planting a community orchard in a neighboring lot that we own. So far we have planted almost 30 fruit trees, including apples, pears, plums, peaches and cherries. The irrigation for the trees actually helps us keep the ground moist during dry spells to ensure the best operation of the geothermal HVAC system for our office.
    Planting the orchard
     ✔ Installation of a solar array: In December of 2013, our newly installed solar system went online. By March of 2014, the combination of energy-saving measures implemented and optimized production of the array translated into our system actually feeding as much back into the grid as our company consumes. The solar array's average daily production avoids 185 lbs of CO 2 (over 67,000 lbs annually). The fact that we now found ourselves as energy producers with an overage of electricity actually made us come up with the next logical step, and quite possibly the most revolutionary of all: translating the extra power into saving gasoline. By charging an electric car with electricity generated by the sun (rather than through burning coal or gas as most of KCPL's generation comes from), the car would be propelled completely without emissions. 
     ✔  Introduction of electric vehicles: This step is going to be more of a slow transition that may revolutionize the transportation industry some time in the future. At least this cleaner, less expensive future has already begun for us. In March of 2014, we bought our first hybrid plug-in livery sedan, a Ford Fusion Energi. The car can go up to 25 miles strictly on a fully charged battery pack, then switches seamlessly to its hybrid drive. In hybrid mode, the car averages 47 mpg city or highway, more than double the mileage of a Lincoln Town Car or its current replacement, the Lincoln MKT (17/24 EPA Est.). The only hybrid that Lincoln offers is their currently largest sedan, the Lincoln MKZ, with a luxury-class-leading mileage of 45 mpg. However, the MKZ actually offers less space in its interior and specifically in its back seat than the Ford Fusion. In fact, the Fusion Energi seems the perfect marriage of space and comfort, elegant styling and futuristic technology, gas economy and performance. Our Fusion will single-handedly offset 20 tons (44,000 lbs) of CO 2 yearly (over a Lincoln Town Car or MKT)!! Below is a picture of both Fusion plugins getting a charge during a concert at Arrowhead in spring of 2015. 
    2014 Ford Fusion Energi
    Electric cars charging
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